We believe that the work done by W3C during the last 15 years is a way to deal with the divercity and complexity in modern digital systems. They have made a series of protocols and standards to follow and thus saving a lot of time in developing exchangeable systems.
Maturing old legacy systems or simply exchanging/synchronizing data between modern systems is now possible, without making a prototype each time.
XML also provide a natural way of exchanging data using proper encoding. This fact alone will extend your possibilities in affairs.

How Can We Help ?

Here is a list of obvious problems that we can solve.

Analyzing Data

Data warehouse is an effective way to analyse ERP data. We can extract- and build data marts using XML in a very efficient manner. XML is hieracial by default. We exploid this fact when building data marts, reducing storage needed. We can help you extracting, building and prepare these for final RDMS analysis.

Exchanging Data

The need for synchronizing data between different proprietarian systems is a fact of life. When the systems have different interpretaion of data typing, encoding and so on, you will need a mechanism that will make the necessary adaptation between the piers of these systems.
XML is perfect for this ...

Simple Object Access Protocol

When an XML transaction needs to be exchanged beyond our domain, we must use SOAP as an envelope.
This is also a framework provided for by W3C. The idea is to wrap anything in a final envelope, with predetermined ways to handle non-ideal situations.


For the novice this is the buzzword. We cannot stress enough, that technologies is just methods describing how to do it. We believe that the human factor is the reel technology in this game.


We charge for time and material - smallest unit is ¼. If material is used, we charge this one to one. When balance exeeds 20 hours in our favor, the account must be settled. Time spend is time spend, no matter how it is spen i.e. transport etc. Current charge is

DKK 550 per hour excl vat

How To Proceed

Do not hesitate to contact Us, if you have any questions. On the other hand we expect that your organisation has made preparations prior to point of contact.